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Hamm Sanitary Landfill has been providing safe and responsible waste disposal services to communities in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska for over 25 years. Our local staff and frontline workforce ensure that our operations are professionally managed and are compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

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Hamm Sanitary Landfill is a highly engineered structure utilizing state of the art environmental controls including load screening inspection, geosynthetic clay and geosynthetic liner systems, leachate collection system, and groundwater monitoring.   Our landfill has a projected 70 year life. Hamm uses the latest landfill technologies to protect the environment and ensure the sustainability of our facility.  All our facilities are designed, operated and maintained to meet or exceed local, state and federal regulations.

Sun shining over a Hamm landfill in Kansas

Environmental Stewardship

For those materials which are not recyclable, our facility offers a disposal solution that is environmentally sound.  Hamm facilities are an integral component to the comprehensive solid waste management system in the region.

Our environmentally safe landfill operation is based on extensive planning, management, engineering, sound construction practices, and attentive facility operations.  Hamm's experience in designing, constructing, operating the Hamm Sanitary Landfill is one of the principal reasons that many counties and municaplities have chosen us to be their waste services provider.

Lake scene in Kansas near Hamm landfill

Value and Sustainability

Hamm partners with businesses and communities to create long term value for both parties. We cooperate and collaborate with clients to offer waste solutions that benefit each client to lower costs and ensure compliance.

By providing cost effective and environmentally safe waste services, our landfill and transfer stations provide economic benefits for their communities so that they are themselves sustainable. Our goal is to provide enduring and sustainable partnerships with businesses and communities wherein Hamm provides excellent service and ensures high-quality standards and environmental stewardship.

A Hamm Transfer Station in Kansas

Transfer Stations

Not all communities have convenient access to waste disposal sites.  In these cases, waste transfer stations are utilized to provide for a cost effective and sustainable option for waste disposal.   At transfer stations, waste is consolidated and loaded into larger, long-haul trucks for delivery to Hamm Sanitary Landfill for ultimate disposal.

In addition to our landfill, we manage or service 12 transfer stations that economically and efficiently extend the geographic service area of our waste services.

Hamm provides transfer station services to Olathe, KS, Riley County, Dickinson County, Geary County, Brown County, Franklin County, Lyon County, Marshall County, Morris County, Osage County, Washington County, and Maryville, MO. Many of these transfer stations also have recycling drop off centers where materials can be readied for processing and reuse.

A roll-off service truck for Hamm Waste Services

Roll Off Services

Hamm offers collection services with roll off truck and dumpsters.  We have multiple dumpster sizes for your project: Do It Yourself projects, spring cleaning, renovation, construction, or special waste.

  • Local and personal service
  • Easy ordering and scheduling
  • Multiple container sizes


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